Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Live Stream

browns vs jaguars Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars
On a one-to-five sadness scale, where five is all the sadness, Cleveland Browns beat by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Much like the Cleveland in recent years, the Jags have had a lot of solid roster pieces in place, just not always on the same page nor at the right time. The QB issues they've had,  Chad Henne, Blaine Gabbert, whoever's next, also feel similar to the Cleveland‘s woes at the position.

The big difference in the season, however, is that the Cleveland have already made a major step forward while the Jacksonville, who have made some free agency additions and shuffled their roster around, still don't seem quite ready for prime time.

It's hard to look at an NFL team and say easy out, and doubly so when we're talking about a game that is still many months away from being played. But the Jacksonville don't typically put up much of a fight at home, and this contest will be on the road, in Browns. The Cleveland have so many advantages over the Jacksonville already, so it's hard to look at this game and see anything but a Browns win.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Cleveland Browns
The Cleveland have a lot of talented young players but, like the Jacksonville, are still looking for their QB of the future. Much like the Jacksonville gave Gabbert another chance after his disastrous rookie season, the Cleveland aren't quite done with Brandon Weeden.

This has the makings of a slobberknocker with Trent Richardson and Maurice Jones-Drew pounding the rock with everything they've got.

It's not pretty, but the Jacksonville are able to get the win on the road with a great game from MJD and a clean game from Gabbert. The Cleveland go back to the drawing board.

 Score Prediction: Jaguars 20,  Browns 14


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